Oasis Urban Market at the 5 Drive-In Theatre in Oakville

Go Bee Industries is proud to announce its partnership with Premier Theatres to launch a summer long open-air marketplace. Oasis Urban Market will take place each Saturday at the 5 Drive-In Theatre in Oakville starting on May 28th (our grand opening day!). This marketplace will truly be one of a kind in the Greater Toronto Area and Go Bee is very excited to be a part of it!

Interested in becoming a vendor for the inaugural 2016 Summer Season? We are currently seeking vendors of all shapes and sizes, including: antiques, artisans, specialty craft items, fashion, sampling, events & services, community groups, car trunk sales, farmers market and more!

If interested, email oum@gobeeinc.com for more information and request your vendor package today!

Oasis Urban Market at the 5-Drive In Theatre in Oakville will be a wonderful destination for families and adults alike. The grounds feature a playground, beach volleyball courts and a dog park. Premier Theatres will also be offering free kids passes for use at one of their wonderful drive-in theatres. Lastly, don’t forget to check out some of the GTA’s best food trucks and live bands right at the 5 Drive-In. We look forward to seeing you at the 5-Drive In Theatre in Oakville this summer!



Saturday May 28, 2016 – Grand Opening Day

Every Saturday from May 28th through to September 24th



POSTER - Beige











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Official Website: http://www.oasisurbanmarket.com

Premier Theatres: http://www.premiertheatres.ca/

Mapleview Corporate Treats

Mapleview Shopping Centre is at it again! The Corporate Treats program is a long standing activation between Mapleview and Go Bee Industries. Through this program, frequent shoppers and corporate partners of Mapleview Shopping Centre are rewarded with hand-picked specialty items delivered right to their office door by one of our stylish Brand Ambassadors. This time, the box was filled with goodies from Mapleview’s own retailers Saje Wellness and Teavana. Enjoy your delightful treats Mapleview shoppers! As always, thank you for your continued business.

Best 2015 Moments!

Here are some of our best 2015 moments that we would like to share with you. We cannot wait for what 2016 brings us! A big thanks to everyone who has made 2015 a great one.

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2015 Moments:

UA 1

Under Armour build,  showcased at the US Lacrosse Fanfest in Baltimore January 2015








Sweetwater Photo




Sweetwater sampling to consumers in Mississipi, January 2015





WCO with bottleIMG_7227









Wine Country Ontario with the VQA wine truck at Blue Mountain in January 2015 , WCO Summer Tour July – August 2015, and at Mapleview December 2015.








Target at the Air + Style event in LA, promoting Shaun White’s fashion collection, February 2015.







MVC Juliette


Corporate Cookies






Mapleview Shopping Centre’s corporate cookies campaign in Burlington. February, May, and December 2015.



Mapleview’s You Shop, We Spoil campaign in Burlington, June and October 2015.



Mini CooperMini Cooper’s  ‘The Fastest Mini Ever.’ in Yonge- Dundas Square in Toronto, July 2015.









Mapleview Muse Style Soireé at Paletta Mansion in Burlington, July 2015.







Dixie Deal Hunters at Dixie Sound Bites, August 2015.







Get Undomesticated! Labatt Ladies travelling around the state of Michigan. May – September 2015.









Holiday Nook at Oshawa Centre in Oshawa, December 2015.








IMG_2788 Dixie’s Hot Cider, December 2015.


Dixie’s Hot Cider!

This past holiday season, GoBee was delighted to bring a rustic holiday lounge and hot cider bar to Dixie Outlet Mall in Mississauga! Located in the busiest intersection of the mall, over 3,000 holiday shoppers stopped and enjoyed a complimentary cup of hot cider and relaxed in the rustic themed lounge.

We gave the Dixie Hot Cider lounge a holiday cottage theme. Our cider and cups were displayed on a wooden cart, served by our 2 lovely brand ambassadors! Our lounge, made up of rustic themed furniture and decor, gave the area a warm, inviting feel and was in constant use by holiday shoppers. Completed with chalkboard signs saying, “Baby its cold outside, warm up here” and “Hot Apple Cider” welcomed the consumers to stop & take a moment to enjoy the cider, and added to the rustic theme.

Don’t forget to follow Dixie Outlet Mall on their social media handles:

Twitter: @DixieOutletMall

Instagram: @dixieoutletmall

Facebook: Dixie Outlet Mall

From all of us here at GoBee, we hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year! All the best to 2016!












Get Cozy This Holiday Season!

Seasons Greetings!

GoBee and the Oshawa Centre have teamed up to create the ultimate Holiday Nook, located in the Sears wing of the Oshawa Centre. Be sure to stop by and enjoy a cup of complimentary hot cocoa from our cocoa bar and watch some classic holiday movies in our cozy holiday nook. Dates for this event are as follows:

Nov 22nd:                                            Dec 5th:
12 pm – 6 pm                                     12 pm – 6 pm

Dec 12th – 13th:                                  Dec 19th – 20th:
12 pm – 6 pm                                     12 pm – 6 pm’

The cozy Holiday Nook includes not only a hot cocoa bar featuring custom marshmallows and movies, but also a gift-wrapping booth with donations that will be going to the United Way! Be sure to register for your chance to win great prizes from retailers such as The Body Shop, Teavanna and Artizia.

Our Nook is decorated with a grey & white theme with accents of gold. The hot cocoa bar is made of a wooden table with grey lanterns & gold candles for the décor. The lounge has a furry grey carpet, big comfy grey couches, a coffee table with gold holiday décor, and a flat screen T.V to enjoy all of your holiday favorites! Gold pillows, ornaments, picture frames as well as silver wreathes, décor trees & reindeers make the space a cozy and relaxing place to be this holiday season!

Follow Oshawa Centre on all their social media outlets:

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Instagram: oshawacentre




















A Toast To Good Taste!

Attention all wine lovers and shopaholics: VQA wines are here for the holidays!

GoBee and Wine Country Ontario are back at it again, but this time partnered with Mapleview Shopping Centre. We are giving shoppers’ reason to take a 5-10 minute holiday shopping break and explore the season’s must-have VQA wines.

Located on the lower level of Mapleview Shopping Centre in Burlington, in between the Forever 21 and H&M, our welcoming holiday Wine Country Space is one you won’t want to miss! It features a back bar wall, long black bar with wooden top, garlands & cedar trees all within our stanchion perimeter. It truly appears to be perfect holiday décor!

At the event, ‘A Toast To Good Taste’, our Brand Ambassadors are handing out complimentary 1-oz samples of the must-have holiday VQA wines from over 60 different wineries across Ontario! Simply sign onto one of the iPads at our Wine Country Space before entering and enjoy a break from the busy holiday hustle and bustle. Each of these wines is also available at the LCBO right across the street. Look for our specially designed neck tags at the LCBO Fairview Burlington on all wines we will be featuring each week.

Give a ‘Toast To Good Taste” and wind down from the holiday stress with our VQA wines! Visit us throughout the holiday season from:

NOV 19th – 29th                            DEC 3rd – 20th
Thurs 4 – 9 pm                                 Thurs 4 – 9 pm
Fri 3 – 9 pm                                       Fri 2 – 9 pm
Sat 12 – 6 pm                                    Sat 12 – 9 pm
Sun 12 – 5 pm                                   Sun 12 – 5 pm

Follow Wine Country Ontario, The VQA Wine Truck, and Mapleview Centre on all their social media outlets:

The VQA Wine Truck:                                   Mapleview Centre:  

Twitter: @TheVQAWineTruck                    Twitter: @MapleviewCentre
#VQA4TheHolidays                                        #WineTasting

Instagram: thevqawinetruck                        Instagram: mapleviewcentre
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Wine Country Ontario:

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Instagram: winecountryont


VQAStaff IMG_1811





IMG_1866IMG_1869 2015-11-26 18.17.46

2015-11-26 18.18.39

2015-11-26 18.19.19

2015-11-26 18.22.55

2015-11-26 20.11.39

2015-11-26 20.11.30

2015-11-26 20.12.00

2015-11-27 15.40.55

2015-11-27 15.41.30

2015-11-27 15.41.11

VQA Wine and Mapleview Tasting Cards 5x7_Page_2



You Shop. We Spoil. Give Thanks!

Did you fall in love with our fall flower cart?

This past Thanksgiving weekend, our Mapleview style ambassadors were back at Mapleview Centre in Burlington, giving “thanks” by distributing free floral bouquets to shoppers who spent $250 or more.

Consumers fell in love with the harvest arrangements provided by local Burlington florist, Blossoms. Fuji Mums, Wax flowers, Leucadendron, Seeded Eucalyptus, Salal, and Wheat grass were wrapped in kraft paper, tied with Raffia and a small “You Shop, We Spoil” & “Give Thanks” hangtag.

Our style ambassadors set-up the beautiful display and engaged with consumers who qualified for the complementary harvest bouquets. It was one successful weekend; many consumers thought they were perfect for their thanksgiving dinner tables, and for the season!

Stay tuned for more upcoming GoBee and Mapleview events.



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12109166_10153587796921390_3522492892953962924_n 12109213_10153588045851390_6213140347704433040_n 12143089_10153591629276390_8437871390397070388_n

Get Up, Get Out, Get Undomesticated!

Our Labatt ladies continued to travel around the state of Michigan visiting multiple bars in conjunction with Tiger’s games from May to September. They ladies sampled co-branded Tiger’s/Labatt Blue & Labatt Blue Light 12 oz. bottles and draught to consumers. While interacting with consumers, the Labatt ladies served over 3,200 samples to Tigers fans as well as some first time Labatt drinkers!

The loyal Tiger’s fans were eager and excited to win prizes for playing our Tiger’s Trivia App! Prizes included co-branded beer koozies, earbuds, t-shirts, bags, bottle openers, sunglasses, and more. All the prizes were loved with the co-branded Labatt Tigers t-shirts being the most popular. Consumers were also involved using the hashtag #WhosYourTiger on social media channels, Twitter and Instagram, where they took pictures posing with the Labatt ladies and their giveaway items.

Some feedback we received from Labatt lovers was:
“You know, that’s not bad, I’d drink that!”
“I really enjoyed Labatt beer, better than Miller Lite.”
“Labatt is an all-time favorite here!”





20150613_153840_resized 20150610_210908_resized 20150610_205700_resized 2015-07-11 06.05.16_resized 29 16 03 001 IMG_5318 IMG_5109



IMG_1621 image1 COACHC8 COACHC3 ATT_1440422465545_20150820_210017 20150820_185137_resized 20150813_225636-1_resized 20150805_204714_resized 20150805_194348_resized 20150710_211510_resized 20150710_202820_resized 20150710_200052_resized

Wine Country 2015 Summer Tour!

The tour is finished already?!

This summer our newly decorated VQA Wine Truck was on the move throughout Ontario introducing new and familiar wines to consumer’s taste buds. The truck’s fresh look gave off a rustic vineyard vibe. Images from a local Niagara winery were placed on the truck and a faux grape-vine wooden fence, created an authentic Wine Country Experience, without actually being in the vineyard.

The truck made an appearance at six (6) festivals this summer. We set up an interactive social media display for guests to “Pose, Snap and Post”, on their own social media platforms (Twitter or Instagram), using the hashtag #FollowTheTruck and tag @TheVQAWineTruck. Our objectives were to build excitement, create an emotional connection with the consumer, and have a fun experience! As an added bonus, local winemakers were onsite providing consumers with enhanced winemaking knowledge.

Our wine ambassadors also played an important role into making this year’s The VQA Wine Truck a truly authentic experience. Each BA was responsible for attending a hands-on training session with Wine Country Ontario, + frequent visits to wine country and wine tours.

We served over 29,000 1-ounce samples from 30 wineries across Wine Country Ontario and interacted with over 15,000 guests. The free samples brought positive feedback and smiles to the VQA Wine Country tour; Stay tuned for fall and winter events coming soon!

#FollowTheTruck #VQA

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Dixie Sound Bites

From concept creation to execution, it was our responsibility to develop an unique, interesting and sponsorship worthy space.  Sticking with music festival feel, we utilized bright colours, flowers and ambient lighting to ensure we captured the true essence of the night.

Our Dixie Deal Hunters were onsite at Celebration Square in Mississauga on Saturday handing out and placing on consumers custom Dixie flash tats, in the unique 10×10 space.  Our reps were also entering guests for the chance to win a VIP Experience to see the headlining act of the night, July Talk, in the Best Seats in the House section.

The lucky winner, Flavia of Toronto and her 3 friends were announced on the main stage at 9:30pm and escorted to their preferred seats, where a Food Truck menu and their very own wait staff waited for their arrival.  The space, designed with Indie influence, provided the winners with a comfy space to site back, relax and enjoy the show.  Each guest received a prize pack valued at over $150 each.