Get Up, Get Out, Get Undomesticated!

Our Labatt ladies continued to travel around the state of Michigan visiting multiple bars in conjunction with Tiger’s games from May to September. They ladies sampled co-branded Tiger’s/Labatt Blue & Labatt Blue Light 12 oz. bottles and draught to consumers. While interacting with consumers, the Labatt ladies served over 3,200 samples to Tigers fans as well as some first time Labatt drinkers!

The loyal Tiger’s fans were eager and excited to win prizes for playing our Tiger’s Trivia App! Prizes included co-branded beer koozies, earbuds, t-shirts, bags, bottle openers, sunglasses, and more. All the prizes were loved with the co-branded Labatt Tigers t-shirts being the most popular. Consumers were also involved using the hashtag #WhosYourTiger on social media channels, Twitter and Instagram, where they took pictures posing with the Labatt ladies and their giveaway items.

Some feedback we received from Labatt lovers was:
“You know, that’s not bad, I’d drink that!”
“I really enjoyed Labatt beer, better than Miller Lite.”
“Labatt is an all-time favorite here!”





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