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New Home, New Wardrobe

Corporate CookiesMapleview Shopping Centre’s corporate cookies campaign,”New Home, New Wardrobe” took to the streets again this spring to promote giving Mapleview gift cards as the perfect gift for clients of realtors. The branded Fiat 500 was travelling around the GTA delivering sweet treats at real estate brokerages along the way. Our experienced brand ambassador looked great in her spring fashions from Mapleview Centre retailers such as; Banana Republic, GAP, H&M and Hudson’s Bay. We hope all of the lucky realtors enjoyed their Macarons and will redeem their complimentary gift cards at Mapleview’s Guest Services. #newhomenewwardrobe

Classic Cars

Classic Cars NYCThe Go Bee Team was on the ground in New York City, assisting with a car service from Terminal 5 to Providence, where guests who attended the Adult Swim and True TV party were greeted by a fleet of 17 luxury and exotic cars.  The fleet, made up of a Lambourghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Double Decker Hummer Limo, just to name a few, made various shuttles from Terminal 5 to Providence Lounge.  This allowed the guests to enjoy the fun filled evening, without having to worry about transportation.  Over 600 guests were transported over a 2 hour period to the after party at Providence Lounge.

On the heels of a rebrand, Heart to Home’s Michael Gazer gives tips on reaching seniors

Heart to Home MealsMarketers have long been accused of overlooking the seniors market, but for Brampton, Ont.’s Heart to Home Meals, seniors are its only market.

The franchise company delivers home-style frozen meals, soups and desserts to seniors’ doorsteps throughout southwestern Ontario. Its target audience is a demographic sweet spot: by 2031, the number of Canadians 65+ will double to 9.6 million and comprise up to 25% of the population, making it the country’s fastest-growing market.

To promote its new name and new catalogue, Heart to Home Meals is reaching its core customers 75+ the traditional way: print ads in Metroland community newspapers and direct marketing. Michael Gazer, president of Heart to Home Meals, shared his insights on marketing to this fast growing and often misunderstood demographic.

  • Seniors are price-conscious, not thrifty. “I think there’s a misconception that seniors are thrifty and I would disagree,” said Gazer. “They, like everyone, want good value. They appreciate companies that give them good value and good service.”
  • Seniors are strong brand advocates. If they like a product or service, they will go out of their way to recommend it, said Gazer.
  • Seniors are extraordinarily loyal. “Unlike other target groups that may be more fickle… seniors are very, very loyal,” said Gazer. “As marketers, we’re all looking for that group of high-frequency, high-value customers. And seniors, if you do it right, are exactly in that area.”
  • Seniors are tactile. “They like receiving physical things and they like referencing things,” said Gazer. “When the Thursday [community] paper comes in, they’ll read it from start to finish. That channel works well because it’s cost-effective and it’s sticky. They’ll keep the print publication on their coffee table for the week until the next one comes out.” And with direct mail, “again it’s that’s physical, in-your-hand piece of marketing that works well with this demographic.”

And what about digital and all those stories of grandparents flocking to Facebook? Gazer said with its core customers aged 75 and over, internet usage is growing. “But the reality is, there’s a low percentage of people over the age of 75 who are on Facebook and who are buying online.”

That said, Heart to Home Meals is starting to get into digital marketing. It has an e-commerce site that accounts for 20% of its business, but those orders are placed primarily by customers’ caregivers or children.

In the coming years, the use of traditional marketing channels will likely subside and the company will focus more on digital, as today’s web-savvy younger boomers reach their 70s. “In 10 years, it will be dramatically different as the 65-year-olds today become the 75-year-olds of tomorrow,” said Gazer.

Article By: Rebecca Harris, Marketing Magazine, MAY 12, 2015

Want to read more? Visit Marketing Magazines website.

Thinking of Hosting a Pop-up Shop?

storefront_4-810x540Are you thinking of hosting a pop-up shop for your brand?

It might be the perfect time to offer your consumers a different method to learn about your product, store or offer a unique experience.  Pop-up shops are popping up [no pun intended] all over and they offer an inexpensive and viable option for brands to increase their foot traffic. If you are a brand who is strictly found online, this method also allows the opportunity to engage with consumer who may not have found you online.  Read more about the benefits of pop-up shops and how to track your customers behavior, from the latest article of the pop-up shop phenomenon found on Storefront Blog.

Photo Courtesy of Storefront Blog